Stem-and-Leaf Plot

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The Drupal File ID of the selected dataset. The user may load another using the search bar on the operation's page.


Select one (1) column from a dataset with whole non-negative integers. A good dataset to use would be the Uniform (0,100) dataset. Warning: You may get unexpected results if you use character data or other non-numeric data.


This web application creates a stem-and-leaf plot.

A stem-and-leaf plot is a quick and handy way to visualize the spread of a dataset using only pencil and paper. The idea is to list a column of numbers, usually 0 to 9. These are the "stems". For each value in the dataset, we pair its right-most digit to the corresponding stem that matches it's left digit. For example, if we had a 76 in our dataset, we would pair it with the 7 leaf in the column of numbers from 0 to 9. We then place a 6 as the first "leaf" in that column. We repeat this process for each value in our dataset. In the end, we will get a stem-and-leaf plot like the one seen below.

  0 | 8
  1 | 
  2 | 14
  3 | 4
  4 | 59
  5 | 01
  6 | 3
  7 | 
  8 | 
  9 | 4

The way the app generates the stem-and-leaf plot for your dataset may be different.

The stem-and-leaf plot allows us to see where data may be aggregated.

Use the app above to select a dataset with whole numbers. The app will output the dataset's stem-and-leaf plot once Submit is clicked.


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